Penguins in the Snow

Penguins in the Snow

Idea for a blank Holiday Card.
Morning Bird

Morning Bird

                                            I normally work in Acrylic, but wanted to try going back to using ink and watercolors. I used brown ink when drawing, and then added color using watercolor

Snow Tiger

I love the intricate patterns on tigers. And while researching them, I learned that each tiger has it’s on unique design, equivalent to a human’s fingerprint. I wanted to paint a White Bengal Tiger with mystical looking stripes and patterns on its coat. There is something magical about a white

Tree Nymph

Rhea, my tree nymph. One of the many daughters of Mother Nature.     

The wings of a butterfly…

  Designing an Icon for my Website & Blog! I love nature, especially the patterns that you find in nature. Beautiful patterns found in the stripes of a zebra, spots on a frog, shapes of plants, or even the delicate patterns found on the wings of a butterfly. Love.

Diamonds in the Sky

“Diamonds in the Sky” :  Experimenting with Mixed Media

At the Society Show

    Throwback picture of my first time attending the Society for Illustrators annual exhibition! Got to see some fantastic work and meet some awesome people!